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A Guide to Palermo's Street Food

Palermitani take their street food very seriously and the diversity and quality of Palermo's street food has given it a prestigious place in the top 10 cities for street food in the world. The delicious snacks you will find on the streets of Palermo are famous for their richness and fusion of culinary influences. The local markets are great places to try some of the cities local specialities. Don't miss out on the famous markets of Vucciria, Ballaro and Il Capo. Close-by to the Vucciria is the characteristic neighbourhood of La Kalsa, with some of the best street food in the whole of Palermo.
Here are Camagna Country house top street food recommendations that will tantalise your taste adventurous and try everything! 

Panelle and Crocchè
it would be the colour of the panelle. They are savoury fritters made with chick-pea flour and are mainly eaten in the streets, in a loaf wrapped in paper yarn waste. Cut into smaller shapes, they are part of the typical hot starters you could be served, pan-fried, potato croquettes, also known as crocchè. 

Pane Ca' Meusa
U 'Pane ca' meusa, italianized in "bread with the spleen", is an example of Palermo's gastronomic tradition in the field of so-called "street food". The correct pronunciation in Palermo would be wrapped up with an elongation of the syllable ie.
This is a loaf ("vastedda") to the sesame stuffed with pieces of spleen, lung and trachea ("scannaruzzàtu") of pre-cooked calf and floured in a slow fire in the sugna, in copper pans. Both the spleen and lungs are first boiled and then sliced to be fried, strictly, as tradition, lard or sugna want. Once ready, the inevitable: bush or married?
Just so, because the sponge with the spleen is served bacon (bacon, unmarried) with the simple lemon squeezed over, or married (married, married) with cheese and fresh ricotta.

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Palermo's stigghiola is a dish typical of the poor Sicilian tradition.

It is served mainly on stalls at festivals and fairs. It is usually prepared by the same seller who in Sicily is called stigghiularu. These fun stalls are attacked every day by whole local families, but also by eager tourist to know the traditions of the place and well-dressed people, perhaps in jackets and ties. Stuffed stalls are in full swing especially in the afternoon when they start preparing the grill with the brazier, far ahead of cooking the dish. What attracts virtually everyone is the smoke that rises high in the sky and makes it clear that the reader is ready to welcome his many customers with this delicacy.

Are you ready for a Palermo Street Food Adventure?

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